Size Guide

Living Room Area

A 9'x12' rug fits well in a 12'x18' living room or larger, or in an open-plan area. This rug should be wide enough to fit most of your furniture, accessories, and decor elements, giving your room a more cohesive look.

In an 11'x13' room or slightly larger, or in an open plan living space, an 8'x10' rug works well. The best layout for a given living area leaves a 12"-18" border of flooring around your rug.

In an 11'x13' or smaller living room, a 6'x9' rug fits well. This leaves about 2 feet of flooring on either side of the rug.

In a small living room, a 5'x7' rug would work underneath the coffee table and in front of the fireplace, with two comfortable chairs almost entirely on the rug.

A 3'x5' rug would be a good addition to a landing area at a living room's entrance.

Dining Room Area

Large Table (8 or more chairs)

A 9'x12' rug is suitable for a table with 8 or more chairs because it allows all of the chairs to be on the rug, even when moved back.

Medium Table (6 chairs)

An 8'x10' rug is ideal for a table for six people. This gives you plenty of space on both sides to switch the dining chairs around while remaining on the rug.

Medium Round Table

 A round rug will complement, unify, and make the entire room pop when used with curved furniture.


Small Table (4 chairs)

A rug that is 8 feet round or 8 feet square is ideal for a table for four people. A regular 8'x10' or 6'x9' rug can also be used to float the table and chairs in the center.



In a bedroom with a king-size bed, a 9'x12' rug suits best. The rug will almost fully encircle the bed and nightstands, leaving about 2' of soft rug underfoot.



An 8'x10' rug would cover the bed and nightstands, with 3 feet of rug on either side of the bed, while a 6'x9' rug would give each side an 18" edge.

Queen with a Round

An 8' round rug would look great under a queen size bed, providing a comfortable landing spot on either side while also adding a stylish touch to your home.

Super Single

The 6'x9' rug, as well as two 3'x5' rugs on either side of the bed, would be ideal, providing enough cushioning on both sides.

1 Twin

An 8'x10', 6'x9', or 5'x7' will work well, with plenty of space all around the bed. On either side of the bed, two 3'x5' rugs or smaller rugs would be suitable too.

2 Twin

A 3'x5' rug is the best choice for separating the beds. A runner rug measuring 2.5'x7' or 2.5'x10' that runs around the center or sides of two twin beds will also look amazing.



Large (Over 200 sq. ft.)

A 9'x12', 8'x10', or 6'x9' would most likely fit in a large kitchen. Place a 5'x7', 3'x5', or runner rug on one or both sides of your kitchen island if you have one.


Medium (100-200 sq. ft.)

A smaller rug, such as a 5'x7' or 3'x5', or a runner rug in front of the sink, depending on your layout, can fit better, leaving the rest of the floor space open.

Small (70 sq. ft. or less)

A small kitchen can quickly become cluttered, and adding a rug and pattern would only intensify the problem. Depending on your layout, opt for a small rug, like a 3'x5', in front of the sink.


Long Layout (At least 10 ft. long)

A runner rug along the sink side of the kitchen can be accommodated in a long galley-style kitchen. Place the runner in the center of the kitchen if the galley is small.

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