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My Camouflage 915 Purple Rug

Product ID: cam915purpas
Materials: : 100% Polyester

Availability : Out of stock

Price: £30.59
  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Construction : Hand tufted
  • Cleaning Process : Easy-To-Clean
  • Pattern : Shaggy
  • Weight : 0g
  • Pile Height :
  • Type : Shaggy, Modern


“The My Camouflage faux fur by OBSESSION is so pronounced, so strong in expression and expression: It comes without any ifs and buts and showy like a gold-rimmed 70s pilot's glasses, half-forgotten in the hot California sun on a precious Villa-Pool lies while the snobbish porter tries to avoid Columbus' boring questions so as not to be late for the dignified dinner party.
In this scenery we see our design statements - sophisticated, powerful, surreally stylish - you have to dare! The black leather couch with olive-green faux fur edging? Or the designer armchair succinctly with an explosive purple shade? Nothing is impossible if Bob Ross sweetly whispered while putting the next splashes of color on the canvas as if he were painting one:
My camouflage by OBSESSION! Show a daring attitude and grab hold of this velvety, plush, color-faux faux fur design statement!