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Smooth Operator - Coffee Rug

Product ID: lou440coffas
Materials: : Wool-Viscose-Blend

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Price: £809.10
  • Material : Wool-Viscose-Blend
  • Construction : Handstitiched
  • Cleaning Process : Easy-To-Clean
  • Pattern : Optical / (3D)
  • Weight : 0g
  • Pile Height :
  • Type : Luxurious, Modern, Handmade, Wool, Optical/3D


Smooth Operator by AshantiRugs - that is the coolness of metropolitan experience thwarted by the naturalness of natural materials. The apparent contradiction comes in this design rug to a reconciliation. The processing of the materials is novel, executed in a large loop. As a result, the lack of consistency in the small unites with the harmonious homogeneity of the whole - almost a parable of modern life. In any case, a universal supplement to today’s living feeling. The materials used wool and cellulose viscose are hand-stitched together in this rug in a blended architecture. Order the design rug Smooth Operator by AshantiRugs and prove your chosen taste!

Care Instructions
Regular suction with a commercial vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Clean stains with a cloth and a little water.