Are white rugs practical? White rugs or not depends on your lifestyle. If you have no problem in taking off your shoes before walking over the rug then white rugs can be as practical as any other color. The point is that you should be careful about maintenance of a white or cream coloured rug. Regular vacuuming is another reason why white rugs can be placed in your living spaces making them a relaxed abode. These rugs are best for those areas that have a low-traffic like your guest room or the study.

Where should you use a white rug? Well for your guest room or home office you can choose a hooked cotton wool rug or hand-knotted white coloured rug. For your living rooms or laundry you can opt for flat weaves such as woven wool and woven cotton white rug.

Avoid using a white rug in the entryway, kitchen, dining room, and kids’ rooms as there are fair chances of spills and dirty feet that are likely to create chaos. To clean a white rug spot or wipe out stains drizzle or spray a small amount of white vinegar over that area and rub gently with a clean cloth. This is how you can keep your white rug shining for a long time.

Why should you choose a white or cream rug?

An area rug with a white or cream background and neutral pattern on top will create an effortless foundation for your room. Additionally if you want to draw attention toward any coloured decorative objects a white rug might help in creating a spotlight for that object.

White and cream is a positive color which can offer relaxed vibes whenever you enter the room. Also, the plain design with a cream background brings a contemporary outlook and can mix well with any kind of surrounding, whether it’s your living room or bed side.