If you have small rooms in your house or you live in a small apartment or, there is always a feeling that your rooms appear more spacious. Sometimes the feeling is opposite to it. You have big rooms and you want a cozy look. Interestingly you can use area rugs smartly to make your rooms look spacious and cozy by considering colour and size of rugs you use.

Bring home a rug that easily creates a transition from one part of a room to another. What will this do? It is going to create an illusion of two smaller rooms. Alternatively you can place one or more small rugs that will create a further illusion of divided areas in the room.

You can also use rugs of different shapes. For example place a big round rug and in the same proportion use two smaller rectangular or square rugs.

You can use rich and dark colours with bold patterns when trying to make a room look smaller. The use of full heavy texture is also going to solve the purpose.

You can also use rugs to make a room look bigger. Instead of multiple small rugs use one large area rug to make a room look bigger.

To make a room appear as if it is not crowding the rug. You can place the rug within 10 to 12 inches of the walls on all sides or put the rug in the middle several inches away from all the furniture.

The use of several small rugs is going to make a small room look crowded and you will get a cozy feeling. As far as colours are concerned try using a light coloured rug to make the room look more spacious. Use small rugs that have a solid colour rather than a pattern as patterns can clutter a small room.