Home décor and interiors play a vital role in making you happy. When it comes to choose a coloured rug we are sure black rug would not be your foremost choice. Before choosing a rug there is a lot of thought and consideration that is required into choosing the right one. A black or charcoal rug can be a masterpiece in your home but first let us decide where it should be put.

A black rug by the bedside looks great if it is centrally located in your living space. The biggest advantage is that when you put your leg down on the floor you get a warm plush feeling that allows immense sense of comfort. If it is a winter morning then the feeling is not less than a blessing.

A black rug can easily add some drama if it is kept from the end of your bed frame. The charcoal rug can elevate the décor of your bedroom and add a feeling of luxury and comfort without paying hefty amount.

In case you keep a black rug under the bed then it is a convenient way to define the area around the rug. It seems your bed is a little island of comfort where style is an added feature.

A black rug can be the beautiful central piece or it can act as an anchor holding together the main theme of your décor. Another great thing that you can do with your rug adjustment is layering the rugs. It will look great if you have used a large neutral tone rug as a base and smaller rugs on the bedsides.

Charcoal rugs have got the magic to add classic elegance in any type of room. Your room will look royal once you have brought a wool or silk black coloured rug decorated with classic motifs.