We are sure you’ll enjoy the delight of elegant bordered rugs that have intricate patterns in middle and around the border. These rugs are best for elongating small spaces such as hallways. Also, they can easily add depth and beauty to any part of your living spaces.

A perfect addition for any home be it contemporary or classic, you can easily decorate your place with your new bordered rug. Our rugs have the style that is perfect addition for plush homes plus these rugs offer a stunning reflection of craftsmanship. So what are you waiting for? Consider factors such as humidity and foot traffic and give your nod to a stylish bordered rug. These flooring options are durable enough to bear the grunt of heavy foot traffic. We suggest opting flat weave rugs with low pile in wool or other natural fibers as they can easily withstand wear and use.

The best part with bordered rugs is that you can easily avoid floating rug look with them. As their boundaries are well defined they are good enough for all types of living spaces whether they are bedrooms or hallways. You have to consider just one thing. It is your carpet should not touch any furniture. And the dimensions are really perfect for your areas.

Mostly people tend to buy standard rectangular carpets and rugs, but you’ll be astonished to know that unconventional shaped rugs may also suit your space just as well. Consider buying unique shapes for a bold look. You can add a pinch of understated appeal with graphical and architectural forms. Remember bordered rugs are an effortless styling choice for all types of your living spaces. If you are concerned about aftercare let us solve that dilemma too. Flat weaves and low piles handmade rugs require low maintenance so you won’t have to invest your resources and energy for their maintenance.