We are going to find most of our living spaces made up with straight lines and right angles. Naturally our furniture is also designed straight or square in shape. But we often overlook a semi circle rug despite of the fact that a semi circle rug can add a ton of interest and softness to our squared-up interiors. Many designers prefer to use semi circle rugs if the architecture of the room is curved. These rugs can effortlessly create a strong harmony and an elevated look when used in room that has a circular ceiling or curved set of windows.

If you have curved furniture such as a round dining table or a curved sofa then also a semi circle rug can complement the interiors beautifully. In that case the rug should be centered on the round feature to give way to symmetry and alignment.

Round rugs are also used to make a room look more spacious. It can also create a particular part of the room as focal point. This is most suitable for a smaller room that forms an interesting contrast to the square-up walls.

Round rugs can easily draw attention. If you have a living room with open plan then these rugs can be used to create a vignette or focal point. Just place your semi circle rug under the furniture that you want to make centre of attention.

In an open-plan setting your semi circle room rug can define an area easily. It also creates a strong design feature.

Some people tend to put their rug in their dining room. They should ensure that the rug is large enough. The chairs should also not get tripped up on the rug.

A round table looks visually balanced with the use of semi circle rug. But here again your round rug should be large so that shapes don’t clash with each other.

There is one more suggestion. If you have to give way to your semi circle rug then make sure the rug should be sway from the walls. The round dining room will look best if it floats in the space not touching the walls.