When the artisan weaves a carpet by old traditional technique of hand-weaving, the resultant is a flat weave rug that has beautiful intricate patterns with the richness of bold colors. In this type of weaving, thread is woven on a loom and colorful patterns are made without the backing. We consider a flat weave rug best if they bear three features - lightweight, flexibility and reversible nature. The patterns are same on both sides of carpet.

Flat weave rugs can successfully offer a casual tone to a room. In addition, there are many flat weave rugs that are full of contemporary designs. Some innovative artisans involve modern patterns and colors that fit well with contemporary interior designs. You can move flat weave rugs easily as they require less material in manufacturing. This is obvious reason why they are light weight. You can easily fold them and roll up. So if you prefer to rearrange your furniture décor, possibly a flat weave rug is the convenient option.

Flat weave rugs are more durable than their peers. Though they can wear out over time, but a prime advantage is that you won’t see flat patches as you might see in a loop pile or cut pile rugs. These rugs are good for areas that have lots of foot traffic such as a hallway or a sitting area that is frequently visited by guests.

Another advantage that we see with flat weave rugs is their versatile nature. These rugs work wonderfully as a throw or furniture accent. They make a great element when used with other textured rugs or you can use them as wall hangings to emphasize a particular portion of your interiors.

You won’t see flat weave rugs shedding threads. As they are made without a cut pile, fibers of flat weave rugs typically won’t shed in comparison to other types of rugs. So if you are looking for a durable and inexpensive rug that is easy to clean and maintain probably a flat weave rug should be your choice.