Generally, you can witness animals and birds featured on Persian carpets and Oriental rugs. It is a realistic feature that tells you have a soft corner for nature and wildlife. Beyond their mere decorative presence and meaning the creatures such as deer, dove, squirrel, lion, tiger or peacock have their symbolic meaning too.

For example, a camel design on a carpet denotes happiness, joy and wealth. As a camel is a useful mode of transport for both humans and trade, camel might be used to denote richness. Similarly lion featuring carpets might symbolize power, authority and strength. Some of the Persian carpets use animal’s prints to display a fight between good and evil. Dove is a sign of friendship and peace. Thus there is a whole array of meaningful interpretations when it comes to use of animals rugs.

The handmade rugs with animal designs over them might employ asymmetrical knots. Some of the weavers use natural ingredients such as pomegranate to obtain darker hues. Artisans throughout the world experiment with irregular geometric elements such as diamonds and stylize figurines to craft an animal rug. Red and yellow colors are predominantly used in these rugs so you are going to find bright colored rugs while you rare set on a shopping spree of an animal rug.

In a nutshell, when you are all set to buy an animal rug then you need to consider three things - symbol, color and design. After brainstorming through these features consider the material by which it has been crafted whether it is genuine wool or a synthetic one.

Remember by giving a place to animal rugs, you are not only enhancing the beauty and appeal of your living spaces but also inviting good luck in your home.