Looking for an area rug to serve a decorative purpose? Try using medium rugs that have a narrow design. It is going to add a beautiful touch to the décor of a room and convert a boring looking space into an interesting one.

Practically the use of medium rugs in your living spaces will protect your feet from slipping. Additionally it will protect hardwood floors from excess wear and tear, or add comfort to a hard floor.

Medium rugs can be placed in certain areas where large rugs are not sensible or simply don’t fit.

For example medium rugs can make your stairways look beautiful, while protecting them from excess wear and tear. They can also provide protection from feet slipping, which is very important factor to consider for the elderly, kids, and pets.

Another area where you can use medium rugs without any second thought is your hallways. Hallways are long so it is difficult to cover them up. Here your medium sized rugs can solve the purpose. Use a medium rug with eye-catching colour and design to decorate your otherwise neglected hallways.

You can also add a “wow” factor by using a stylish medium rug for your entryways. This is surely going to impress that people coming to your home.

Do you have hardwood floors in bedrooms? A medium sized rug on either side of the bed is going to give a more organized impression to your room and also give your feet a cozy space when you step down.

You can also use medium rugs on your bathroom floors. This way you can minimize floor wear and reduce the chances of slipping. Secondly, you are going to enjoy a warm feeling after bath as you don’t have to step onto freezing cold. We recommend using a shag medium sized rug for your bathroom.