Multicoloured rugs are a perfect option for your interiors if you are open to experiments, enjoy a variety in your home and have a non-conventional taste. From stripes to traditional designs and abstract prints there are rugs available in a variety of colours that provide an excellent accent to your décor.

Rugs can be compared to the foundation of a room that has the ability to set the tone of the space. By bringing a rug it becomes easier to choose the furniture style you want for your interiors. In short a rug can totally make or break a space.

Asiatic rugs are the best options whose thick pile is full of vibrant multi colours that can make an all-white space look funny and playful.

A neutral built-in sofa would be the best choice when paired with a rainbow coloured rug. If you are looking for an idea for your apartment’s dining room then we will suggest using a bold rug full of stripes in pinks, reds, and browns.

We have some more ideas.

Designer multicoloured rugs that are decorated with striking colours work perfectly in a white room. So the moment you want a mix of bold yet simple collaboration, go for this type of combination.

A living room with a gallery wall full of art shall look at its best when clubbed with a colourful geometric rug.

You can brighten your living spaces with multicoloured rugs. It will look fantastic with a vintage black leather sofa and a yellow floor lamp. To cover your entire room you can use different striped patterns and colours to create a patchwork-like rug.

A rug with swirling stripes of colours have got the power to add a magical twist in your interiors.

The guest room would look amazing with a diamond pattern multicoloured rug. This can be complemented with vintage lamps and a gallery wall of older paintings.