Pink is supposed to be a feminine colour. So there may be a notion that pink rugs are relaxing and exciting option for little girls’ rooms. It is also associated with love, romance and seems to be a bit glamourous. Generally pink colour is obtained by mixing red and white in a particular amount. It contains properties of both the colours where red stands for warmth without being too intense making it a versatile colour.

Pink rugs look masculine when paired with contrasting colours such as gray or black. So there are different moods that can be enjoyed with a pink coloured rug.

You can opt for soft pink rugs if you are interested in making a light feminine look but not childish. It is a great option to create a spring look when used with fresh green interiors.

Experiments can be done with a bright pink such as fuchsia and raspberry coloured rugs. Use them with stainless steel furniture or chrome interiors and you are going to get a marvelous look. While decorating a teenager’s room we will suggest using a blend of bold pink rug with orange coloured interiors or for a ‘grown-up’ version you can intelligently use a purple rug with white furniture.

The combo of copper and pink rugs can be an elegant and fancy choice. As copper colour can be used to make the room look rich and stylish, dreamy pink rugs can create a balance with a soft look. Pink rugs when used with copper coloured curtains create a sweet and sophisticated atmosphere that ejects warmth as an additional advantage.

In a nutshell whatever pink you choose make sure you match it up with different shades. It will straightforwardly create a balance within your décor. A trendy way to do this is by using a copper element to your décor.