Just like any other flooring option, shape is an important element while choosing an area rug for your room. The shape of rug also decides the look of entire living room. We have seen that when you use circle rugs in your living spaces either they blend in with its surroundings or stand out. So now you have two objectives in mind to choose circle rugs. Circle rugs come in modern, classic, vintage or casual patterns. It beautifully adds character and design to the room.

If you are interested in experimenting then let us make clear layered area rugs are very much in fashion these days and circle rugs will amazingly complete the formal looks by complementing layers.

Laying smaller rugs on top of large circle rugs will give your room place for visual and textural contrast between the two layers. You can also use a colourful rug laid on top of a flat one.

We have brought some ideas that can be considered while choosing a circle rug for residential or commercial use. Choose warm and earthy base colors such as deep browns, greens, and grays. You can also use unconventional pairings, for example an earthy rug layered under a bright one. People with varied tastes can give a try to bright colours such as fiery reds and electric blues.

Whether you have tile or hardwood flooring a circle rug can effortlessly give it s finished look. It will also protect the flooring underneath. It will either complement your current décor or define whether the overall tone should be traditional or contemporary. No matter what your choice of style is, a circle rug has got the power to change living spaces from modern to traditional and vice versa. So what are you waiting for! Bring home a circle rug today and see your décor getting revived.