The way how you decorate your home is the reflection of your choices and priorities. For example, when you decide to choose a funky rug for your living spaces it suggests that you are an ardent fan of vibrant colors and liveliness. You can experiment with contemporary designs to give a different look to your home. In a nutshell, your choice of rug can’t go unnoticed whenever you decide to invite a funky rug in your interiors. The next step is how to get a funky rug within your budget.

We at Ashanti assure you of quality funky rugs that are in consent with your specific style and pattern. You can shop a variety of these masterpieces that features unique, geometric patterns with a contemporary touch. One more thing we would like to mention here is the color combination used in making them. Our designers play with an array of offbeat colors to create a mysterious aura in your home. Since your kids shall enjoy latest trend and style, they can be the best person to admire this unique art.

Funky rugs come with abstract prints that are in complete alignment with modern decoration ideas. You might be concerned about cleanliness and maintenance of funky rugs. Well, some of our funky rugs are compiled of lush thick piles and constructed in flat weave that makes them easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, our funky rugs are made from plush synthetic fibers so you get a soft and comfortable feeling under your feet as soon as you put your feet on them.

Comfort, zenith of creativity, easy to clean and maintain, striking accents, and vivid colors – what else can you expect from a rug for your interiors. Come, shop a funky rug from Ashanti and collect praises for your choice!