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They say they are in love with rugs? Well...we actually mean it! The story of rugs goes back further than the story of the MAgic Carpet! Rugs have the ability to make every living space beautiful and are great for providing that missing something which makes a room cosy and comfortable.

We offer you a wide range of wool rugs, to modern or vintage & classic rugs - at Ashantirugs we guarantee you to find the rug that fits your taste and reflects your style. At the end of the day it is exactly that, weather your style is hip, classy wild and colorful or puristic, which makes your choice the exact right match to your home.

We are trying our very best to ensure you will be stunned and convinced by our collection of high quality rugs so diverse and unique as each of our lives are! Welcome to ...we are happy to have you!

Note: Please note that as per Brexit new law, the customer is liable to pay customs duty tax if your rugs are coming to the UK from Germany or any other country.